I am a polymath, with experience working in a wide variety of roles. You may have already discovered browsing this site that I have wide interests including: software development, maths and algorithm design, electronic engineering, statistics, bioinformatics, systems engineering, information security, fabrication techniques, and artistic applications thereof. I enjoy furthering if not solving ‘hard problems’, and am constantly working on a number of impossibly large projects. My greatest struggle in life is the finite amount of time I have to invest and where to invest it.

My career started with 12 years of experience working in the construction electrical trade, managing projects and training/supervising apprentices. I have also held various positions across all levels of government. I recently completed a degree in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Computer Sciences with a business certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. My ultimate goal is to work in synthetic biology research. I am fascinated by the idea of replacing industrial chemical processes and pharmaceutical manufacturing with engineered agriculture.

I hope you find the information on this site useful and if you have anything to contribute please do not hesitate to contact me.